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Full Version: lf2 balance (MOD)
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this the address where you can find some videos or images of my game.
I have post some days before "the best lf2" and Lauli wanted to see some videos.
You might want to check the URL again, there's nothing special to see ;)

here are some screenshots about my mod
woah, so many screenshots!
Do you like them?
I have seen Johns's teletransport at lf-alpha
Here are just some movies from my lf2.I should wrote more about that but i had a problem: when i press post a error said that your text missing so i tried a lot of times and my text missing.Now i am working on bandit and hunter.
It is not finished.
You just can see the videos there.Maybe you can't see them because these are RAR.Is this right?
Oh, i get it now thanks!!!
A new screenshot about my MOD.In fact it is old because I made it some months ago.A really long work for only that special move,I think 2 hours.Perfect style of balls.

Davis selfsacrifice(download)

Can you move this thread to projects?
empirefantasy how much char by
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