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Full Version: Thunder
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This is my first post, topic, and the character that I post on this forum.

This character has the power of lightning, and decided to post here because it was the first of several that I did work through.

is a collection of various modifications of Little Fighter 2, which is related to the radius, with editing and my ideas.

Below are the gifs of its powers, the download link and credit of the people who created the sprites I used to do this character.


-Froze for the images of the character and the Ball Ionised
-marti wong for the image of the lighting ball (version 1.45 (Frezze's Ball))
-Jerry Hawk for the images and the sounds of lighting
-[BKs]Castello for the edition and the complementation

Link for download:
first of all, a big plus for you:
-you have screenshots/gifs
-you gave proper credits

these two things are the most forgotten ones by new users, though they are the most important ones.

now only the character needs to be decent ;)

(yep, i didnt dl it yet. but i just had to mention this.)
That guy should win an award for giving credits xD
btw. judging from the gifs that character needs some centerx/y adjustment, but look like a decend character otherwise,
This should be an example of how people should post projects.
Good Going!
I'll try it then.
lol I cant stop looking at the trees changing color
(01-04-2011, 06:17 AM)Trickityhouses Wrote: [ -> ]lol I cant stop looking at the trees changing color

that's the effect when u have Thunder and lightning on the map

(bad) jokes aside, i can't figure out how to do that first move you showed (can't do that last lightning bolt), otherwise pretty sweet char

Really, you should keep working on this character. It's too sweet to just leave alone. It just needs so little for perfection.

I might just make a skin for him like I do with other characters that are just to good, but they're are no good sprites.

I thank all the praise of both the model of the post and in relation to the character.
Actually, I'm not a very good editor, I'm still learning.
and to be honest I'm not good at sprite editing (so try to use the original sprites that are better worked), I understand only a little Data Changer.

I allow them to edit the character for those who want to improve, but as I am a regular editor, I seek when I create characters match the originals, so that in time to play, I can have fun without getting too easy to win.