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Full Version: Specter
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This is my second modification that I consider reasonable to be posted here.

Like the other is an amalgamation of various modifications of LF2 on just one char

It is a character with powers of death as skulls and others, I like to call the "devil's advocate"

down here I'll be posting gifs with the powers of this character, then the credits and download links:

Catching powers:


-SSJDavis by the skin modification of firen
-Blue Phoenix by the sprites of ghost power and the sprites of the Devil Glory power
-Marty Wong by the skull power (Julian's skulls)
-jiquera by his data changer
-[BKs]Castello by the edition and the complementation

Download Links:

Enjoy and comment
whoa nice, i like the phantom grabbing attack
Nice character!
I see a problem in his first skill though when hes shooting the skulls..
There's black parts between the flames coming out of his arms and his body
very good start for a newcomer. I hope that you will continue so,and in a near future you will
make very good works.;)
I used to make characters like this when I started off. But seems like you've done a better job than I did, so well done. As bashcrazy pointed out, fix the black parts ;)
Another great piece of work from you. Well you took half advice and made a character from a skin.

I guess that's pretty good too. I think he would look awesome if he had something like a skull on his head (Actually i thinked it up just when I saw the screens).

All in all I proudly give this character a 9.5/10.