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Full Version: [char] Rayman
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My first char
I hope you will enjoy playing him

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These sprites are well made ;)
hm, the first "ray... " char which is really rayman :)
agree to lauli and suggest to use this here:,en/
nice idea
here is the update
ok rating:

YOu used the study ex I gave you for the fly thingy - I suggest to enlarge the wait. You go to fly quite quick...
J+D - suggest to use J+J, think this key combination is just more ... knwon for jump-mods :p
When rowing you're stuck in one frame quite long - dunno which, but you should make the wait smaller...
That´s right and
here are the updates:
now it takes some time to activate the rayman effect
and the other mistake is also gone.
But there is no way to change the helicopteractivation.
This Rayman is cool!
Congratulations! :)