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Full Version: LF3 - Eve of Death v.1.5 (rus, full and final) + some info about topic in "realese"
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First, i give you ORIGINAL version of modification.

this version was released in 08.07.08
LF3-EOD v.1.5

i DONT know who post this FAKE ! - Mad Mad Mad
i'm so mad about this!

Who know me, i'm EdL, from Russian LF Community.
Web is -
my theme about GLT was here -
so, many already know me. my icq - 288425995. i can confirm that is me. Yinseko - my second nickname.

in version 1.5 i fix ALL bugs that i create in old versions.

Who be in official forum, i present mod (attantion) in 2006-10-18 !!
This theme
Then i present special ENGLISH version, right?
What is the data post of fake? 03-20-2008 !!

Please, administrators and modarators, delete this FAKE MOD RELEASE!
Now we have only russian version v.1.5, and in saved only at LFF now here:

Please, do some-thing with this.....
in not LFE forums FAKE was present too -
Hello! I came here to support my friend Yinseko! I know that he did "Eve of death". His site is the best!!!
Hi, i'm user. Yinseko(EdL) is my friend and i know that he did not do this version of "Eve of Death". Administrators and moderators, please delete this FAKE!
Okay, seriously are you guys just trying to be annoying >.<. We get it, it is a fake... There is no reason to post 3 posts saying the same thing. It will get taken care of at some point, mods are probably busy right now. The thread was there for a few months already, a few days won't change anything.
Yusta write an email to this guy:

Btw: that was evil! Faking a mod is damn unfair! Just tell him what you're thinking about him!
(at least use some heavy words! :p)
thanks to all...
i guess you delete fake's topic.