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Full Version: XFX's sprites (only a few right now)
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Old sprites
New sprites:
[Image: boss%20design%20alternation1_zpsbptq60s4.png]
[Image: boss%20design%20small2_zpsaazyqlsc.png]
[Image: Deep%20alternative_zpsqsdhjzhv.png]
redbeard looks nice.
Waiting for more...
nice sprites..
one word of advice.. save them as png not jpg.
I saved them as .bmp, it seems automatically turns them into .jpg files. I have moved them to ImageShack just now :)
YAY! Now they look so much better :D
(03-13-2011, 07:23 PM)Neocrypt Wrote: [ -> ]Redbeard
[Image: redbeard.png]
By neocrypt at 2011-03-13
Chuck Norris!

Pretty well made sprites.
I'd work over details and designing at your place, while your shading skills aren't low.
Proportions are good for lf2, but if you want make it look 'cooler' you have to work over anathomy too.

Haha thanks.

Yea, he looks like chuck norris without a jungle of breast hair :P

I find the muscles very hard to make. But I will try to make a good looking upper body soon. I would love to master this, so I can eventually make Yojiro the way I want him to :D
good sprites,but I want to see more.
added ya to revamped sprites...
hmm...nice sprites (red beard looks awesome)
on a side note when u do long back hair i noticed you actually lightened that side up as much as the front of his hair
now notice the shading of his skin, the hair and the skin shading should correspond to the same areas...imo
or atleast don't make the back hair as noticable as in the front...
i hope to see more of ur work dude, keep it up ;)
Well, the very first arm muscles I sprited :D
[Image: yujirohanma.png]
[Image: yujirohanma2.png]
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