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Full Version: [solved] About the "respond:" tag
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Hello there!

I was browsing LF2.exe through a HEX Editor, and i've found this tag, among with the other tags used in DC.

Someone here knows what this "respond:" tag does?

Already tested it in all objects, stages and even backgrounds, but nothing happened.

P.S.: I'm using the 2.0a version.
I talked to silva and he says it's an itr-tag and probably does nothing atall, you might still try it inside of an itr and see if it has any effect
Unused tag. It does actually get read in though, it could be abused to make something the same way "perspective: " was abused to make items fall at startup.

I've updated the spreadsheets to include it:
Oh wow, i did not knew about this spreadsheet!

thanks for the information, and thanks for the link!
You should read that. It explains LF2's memory structure quite well. The only issue is I did write it before I researched the itr's and Bdy's.

mov eax,dword ptr ds:[esi+edi*4+194h] ;Get object pointer
mov ecx,dword ptr ds:[eax+70h] ; get frame number and store in ecx
mov edx,dword ptr ds:[eax+368h] ; get "id" pointer and store in edx
imul ecx,ecx,178h ; multiply frame(ecx) by 178h
mov eax , dword ptr ds:[ecx+edx+8CCh] ;lets store the number of itrs in eax
cmp eax, 0 ;make sure there is atleast one itr, otherwise we will crash lf2
je skip
mov ecx, dword ptr ds:[ecx+edx+8d4h] ; load the pointer to the itr's
mov edx,0 ; lets use edx for our loop mechanisim to loop through all itrs
cmp dword ptr ds:[ecx+28h], 1337 ;check if respond == 1337
jnz not_1337
; DO STUFF HERE IF respond == 1337
add ecx, 4Ch ;lets load the next itr in ecx 
cmp edx,eax ; check if there is a next itr
jl rawr ; process the next itr if there is one

That should work I guess :p
I'm still trying to understand all this "jump, ecx, edx, dword" thing. Trying to learn HEX, but all this cryptographed language is srot of bizarre.

I'm really impressed with guy like you and Nave, who accomplish to understand AND modify these stuff.
(03-20-2011, 07:02 PM)NocturneSama Wrote: [ -> ]I'm really impressed with guy like you and Nave, who accomplish to understand AND modify these stuff.

fixed it for you

I also can't understand that stuff and without silvas help I wouldn't be able to do anything atall xD
But you did incredible modifications in NTSD 2, like the "charging button system" and the plataform system, didn't you?