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Full Version: [Char] Eric,my frist char
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Hi,everybody !
I am oscar06 from Hong Kong joined LFE yesterday .
I made a char called Eric today.I share he now for the greeting gift .
Hope you can enjoy it!
He is powered Jack,the Jack who has red eyes.
[Image: m27_514uuu8hs.png]
[Image: m27_514uwrblx.png]
some skills:
[Image: m27_514v8x2k1.png]<Double Punch D>J (mp:85)
[Image: m27_514v3z3po.png]<Ligthing Energy D^J (mp:230)
Have fun!

@ Electric Shock, Monolith, Sonic boom,
I am sick and tired of cleaning up all your posts. Seriously, you dont need to reapeat one another or just say 'agree'.

, can post what moves this char has, or whats different to the normal jack?
Or even better, screenshots