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Full Version: Ariel's Sprites
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WHoa! What did you use to make that? Looks cool especially Sten and the one standing on 1 hand. WANT MORE! Can you draw Sasuke doing Chidori?
Really Great Sprites!
Loved your sprites for Earth and the other char.[don't remember his name]
How did you do that, those are REALLY REALLY cool. I want to see more if possible.
rocky remade
[Image: fe9f885a449db79ef8e1c0c33d3a9785-d3hcuoq.gif]
nicely done but the flame effect looksstrange, maybe put in a few more frames so its smoother
i change the second frame
[Image: 27530331b147958a724f4ec4c4edd16f-d3hd6ed.gif]
this one better?
Looks good but that green power isn't looking good.
Make it more bright and add some more animation to it like adding some which are in fireballs.
could have added a more contrasted shading on pants, but still ok with me ;) sprite looks nice.
[Image: 6b8fce129a8e6f8f7829e6cdd04c5baa-d3hv2xs.png]
when freeza made his hero Fighter i wanted to try make a HF style too
so i started like freeza with mading a HF base
i made every each part with a few layers that every layer is other color (shdows and lights)
iv wored on it a few days and its 100% my AND i tried to make it close to the HF style :D :D

ho and B"W
it isnt the regoular size i just make it small to post it the real one is 500X300 or somthig like this XD

Freeza i realy want to know what u think! :D