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Full Version: Hamachi Networks
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Networks you can use:

name: LFE-Room01 - LFE-Room10
password: lfe
(Tournament-Network, will get kicked if you're not in this Tournament)

Please don't join all rooms. I always clear rooms before and after a tournament...

Since a reset of my computer after a virus attack I lost the ownership of these three networks. I'll create some new soon where I can cick guys which are not in the actual tournament...
Ah ok thx for making the Thread MH :D

Ok my networks :

Without Premium :

LF-Universe Fight Room 1
LF-Universe Fight Room 2
LF-Universe Fight Room 3

password for all is 123

With Premium :


password for all is lf2

Be nice to the people who use the MyBB default theme instead of the LFE one - Cirno

Here's my network.

LF2-Dream Battle

Password: Cling
my network is ucgga1 and my password is alex
my hamachi network is Lf2 World
Mine is trainLF2
pass: start
Hamachi network: Zabobula's Realm
Password: Zab

Proceed with caution lol
Name: Brokeback Cliff
Pass: Marti
Name: noobishfighter2
password: I'm a noob at fighting
enough servers........
i tried all those servers and there nobody.
there is still somebody playing little fighters?
two hours conected to the hamachi and nobody online, in 10 servers (near 10 )
pleassssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, responseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i hate talk alone. may i became crazy?
maive, maive...
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