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Full Version: Ban Request
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Recently several members of the community requested a temporary ban because they wanted to take a break from LFE. Actually this is your private business and if you want to take a break I suggest you leave the computer or if you can`t do so - deleted us from bookmarks temporary. The ban-system will not be used for this anymore.

I'm surprised that some members actually WANT to get banned.

MH is totally right.
(09-07-2011, 10:20 AM)nehalbordoloi Wrote: [ -> ]Shock
I'm surprised that some members actually WANT to get banned.

It's a syndrom of people over-dramatizing things and claiming to be "LFE-addicted" and need a ban to be stopped.

Agree'd to MH.
Yea I also agree, that's their own problem.

When I read the title I thought about something else, about requesting of banning a fellow member. How's this according to the rules moral ?
by reason of monolith more or less, i guess?

~ damn i totally misunderstood.
erm, I dont know what you`re talking about, but monolith has nothing to do with this thread as far as I know :p
(09-07-2011, 02:31 PM)Doj Wrote: [ -> ]it's just a guess. but here are somebodys they wanna really like to be banned.

I think it's not your part.Stop guessing monolith or others.If they like or not,they will not be banned anymore,for wishes.
i misunderstood MHs first post
Lol, requesting for a ban doesn't make any sense at all...

All you need to do is break rules and have fun with it, and voila! You get a free ban for your effort. Easiest thing evah.
yeah, this is a complete nonsense. IF someone gets addicted to LFE then its his duty to solemnly leave all this. How can someone 'want' to get banned?
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