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Full Version: Real-Life pics of you
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I figured we kinda need something like this...

As the title says, post Real-Life pics of yourself in this thread.

NOTE: If they're too big in size (either stretching the tables or taking quite long to load), just post the link to it here. It's reccommended the pic's format is jp(e)g.
It is possible to post more pics of yourself, and update with recent pics...

I'll start with myself

Now, show me YOUR faces or I'm gonna ban you ALL, without exceptions.

Not before I ban you :P
~Blue Phoenix

I didn't know Super Mods could ban o: -Cirno

Blue Phoenix was demoted after he wrote that. =P (Green is my color!)

In your dreams!^^ (and violet is my color!) ~Blue Phoenix
Here's mine...
long hair suits you a lot better mh

lol all you guys remind me of certain people... could it be I've had dreams of you before? Strange...
Hey thanks, but actually I would prefer a totally tousled style like you have - how do you make this? I think I simply don't have the ar for it :(
you wanna swap hairstyles for a day or two?

id do it :d
lol ok, fine with it, too. So lets start. I already bought a skalpel...
MH, you look hot :P
Marshall Wrote:MH, you look hot :P

lol thanks
Me in the cafeteria playing with grapes

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I always use the quick reply... and when I realized that the link didn't work, I used the quick edit... and it worked, and worked, and worked, and nothing happened...
final conclusion: bug discovered! Edit sometimes does not work properly