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Full Version: Earth [Beta realse] V.1
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hello guys,
here im gonna post all my latest projects that im sure ill complete them one day.
first of all as u know,
Earth - The Nature Guardien.

The League Of Fighters

Minecraft - Creeper

Olsem - The Sprite Fighter.

Abori - The (lava?) Specialist.

Bronu - The Desert Ninja.
Hey u wrote the spellings of Bruno and demons...
BTW I can't wait to see those projects completed! :D
can i join u in ur league of legends project?
before you even start working on graves. please PLEASE try reworking on the whole look, it still doesnt look like graves esp the hair and face part.

good luck.
i liked Aoux he looks best, and i liked the lava idea
i think you should finish earth first
Finish Olsem :D

And better don't tell the name of secret project.
earth & abori
isn't Aoux based on vayne?
well u can say that but not realy based on her only the main idea
finish any project you want but just finish one atleast
Earth is still my favourite of the lot
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