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Full Version: Little fighter 2 divine maplestory 1 year anniversary
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In view of this game,many people are aware that this game is frozen...Its frozen---for now.

This game is reaching a 1 year anniversary and there are brilliant new updates and the biggest annual update of the game :D
It comprises of new in game system,UI,exp , ability points system and upgrades.I am currently testing them,beta,and it worked for a bit.

Exp is based on your kill rates and HP lost,then the game system calculates how much exp you have gained or lost. Note that 1 kill equals 10 points.
Example ;
Character A slaughters 100 people and looses 400 hp. Therefore the sum will be 1000-400 (600) exp gained.
Character B slaughters 10 people and looses 400 hp.Therefore the exp lost in 100-400 (-300).
The exp black bar is still not fixed,and i'm working my way on this...
The exp bar rate is 50000 exp,and i haven't worked out a "savegame" system so it crashes after every first gameplay.
On player VS player mode,the winner gets no exp for self vs self and gets 100 exp for each computer fought.Hidden characters make you lose all your exp(bug).

The 2nd big update is the stage mode.There are new AI characters which are hidden but with lf2 template sprites.(I'll find a random skin,:D)

Well,the 3rd and the biggest update of all,there is this tons of new maps designed for 1 year anniversary.And new fighters,features,UI and a very interesting video!

I hereby do not gurantee the sucess on launching the exp feature,and hold not responsible for removing it from the content at any given time.

I may not finish the update and it may not be released on time,and the main cause is due to my new game,maplefighters.

Screenshots may not be here so soon

Download the game here

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looks nice, but i didnt like that the moves are to big i cant see or understand anything in the video
of the game, realy good job like the idea
For your information,even through the skills are big,the stage mode is SO hard its impossible to go to stage 5-2.
Thats why i'm holding a contest for a chosen name of the person who reaches stage 5-9
[Image: photo.php?fbid=152856061483777&set=a.152...=1&theater]
ok then, its a long game great work
im not saying its not good its great game but i dont like that style
do you understand
And little fighter JUSTICE is the biggest update ever...see patch notes- the contrast on the amount of words,anyway,it is released on 18 DEC 2011... so thats not so long ago...
yeah i understand
One question, did you hex that game?
I don't think I have time to read them all, so I read only some, judging by what you said, it's over-powered and we usually don't like powerful things.
Judging by the video, I hate to be rude but
It's too over-powered so it won't be fun.
But at least there's a point I would like to admit, the sprites are cool.
omg :O
put those thing in spoiler man thats too long :O
first make the skills smaller they too big and its hard to understand whats going on there like that... :\
make them less power cuz they overpower (the skills)
fix those thing if u realy want that pepole will play in ur mod :\
Everyone listen to me... each attack deals about 6 TO 7 DAMAGE ONLY... and attack like 3 or 4 times... And demon knight is overpowered... And it is not powerful.You need MP anyway,although its CRAZY mode,remember that the version that i'm to record is TEST SERVER,not OFFICIAL SERVER.So the attacks need to be raised to set the correct centerx and centery.and MP is not implemented as i already told you that content is for testing at the time of recording... And relax the big sprites are for those like phantom....
Hey guys,this is a video of rudolf(silent crusaded) fighting demon knights which appear on stage mode.

You're telling us that those move are so BIG and hard to block or dodge and still NOT OVER-POWERED!!
duh theres no zwidth...
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