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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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There are my Spirtes:

Dragonball (Click to View)
Fairy Tail (Click to View)
League of Legends (Click to View)
Sprite Contest (Click to View)
Revamped Sprites (Click to View)
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nice..i like the second one but your naruto pics how do i put this..No..the head on sakura to big
i dunno why but I love your style. :D
it's kind of lf2 style but still something different, something new, your trademark so to speak.
Can't wait for more!
i have made a new one
[Image: qmFQc.png]
One Tail Naruto
1.[Image: x6P4d.png] 2.[Image: ZWoLh.png]
Wich looks better ?
the first version has realistic lightning on the face, 2nd is too seems too c&p lightning from the original
In his normal state you incorperate a similar complexion like you did with his kyubi form, it's very animated and recognizable (unlike his normal one, which is kinda hard to see). Could also be contrast on skin. I also suggest positioning the mouth and/or nose one pixel down, or just simply play around with it till it looks right, atm it's kinda compressed
arms kinda look awkward, you should have them spread out more, if you really want him to raise his arms like that then his right one needs to be fixed (it looks as though it's bending like jelly)

do you normally work 100% @ that size (79x79?)
i really recommend you work larger like most of us do, it's way easier to get it right @ that size
yes i normaly work with 100%(79x79)
...i will try to fix it later
i made a new one Feylina
[Image: 0QbBb.png]
Contrast on outfit is not strong enough, you probably need to darken the dark side
now on the the other hand the hair has too much contrast, dark stuff should be on her left side of her hair so it can look some-what round...if u leave it so it just looks flat compared to the rest
shading on her right leg is misplaced, flip it horizontally to match it up with the invisible lf2 lighting
not much else, practice working on proportions on body and faces, you can even try taking a sprite (match it up with the size ur working with), analyze, and practice copying it
~hope tht roughly helps out
Here is a newer version of their
[Image: TTDUe.png]
Here is Freezer
[Image: ggpvZ.png]
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