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Full Version: What song are you listening to??
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Post what song you are listening to right now. (You can post as many times as you want in this thread, cause you know, post count free. I hope you guys understand this.)

I'm now listening to Faint - Linkin Park. :D
well, im listening to chris brown- turn up the music!
kinda stupid isnt it.....:P
just kidding, start posting guys, and not off-topic
I am hearing Metallica : Nothing Else Matters :D
Some anime openings & endings + some awsome ost.
various musics
games soundtracks
I'm listening to Orange - revolution (Generator Rex theme). Also some anime themes.
I'm now listening to One Thing - One Direction. :D
i am listening to amir jan saboori's album 'zendagi hamin ast'(an Afghan singer)
The Imperial March by John Williams.
Because I'm motherf'n Darth Vader, that's why!
Hate (I really don't like you) by Plain white t's
Friends on the other side - from "Princess and the frog"