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Full Version: Draxe
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Well, this character looks a lot like Dennis except for his wings and his different moves. I got this idea when I downloaded a Dennis skin months ago, then I decided to sprite it. Draxe's moves are stated here:

1. "Ball lightning": D>A - He will launch fast projectiles.
[Image: Draxe%20ball%20lightning.jpg]

2. "Grab": D>J - He will teleport to a target and grab him.
[Image: Draxe%20grab.jpg]

*pressing 'J' during this move will make him perform "Catch Throw". Then keep pressing jump to sustain the move.
[Image: Draxe%20C-throw.jpg]

3. "Berserk": D^A - He will literally run circles around his opponent/s. Press 'A' here, then he will cut them.
[Image: Draxe%20running.jpg]
[Image: Draxe%20run-kick.jpg]
4. "Re-Charge": DJA - He will summon a milk bottle, and refresh.
[Image: Draxe%20Charge.jpg]

Pro's: Can escape any situation if you press jump.
[Image: Draxe%20flying.jpg]

Con's: Not-so-original moves.

I know that these moves aren't very good, but he'll do perfectly, trust me.

This character will be out soon.
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please fallow these rules.
i would realy like to see how he looks
Edit: to me looks interesting
I downloaded it.

Crc problems, please upload it one more time, since some files don't want to work.
OK, thanks, dude.
wow, thats sounds good. when you will release you char. I am waiting for it.
some screan shots plz
Two posts for Draxe?

I'm Downloaded, Thank