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Full Version: [char]Mack-Project
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Here is my 3rd character and the 1st self-made one
I'm making the sprite and gonna add some beautiful moves but now i don't know any thing to draw , so if anyone has some idea to share , please help me
[Image: 77128881.png]
sprites are not so good but its not important now, the thing you must learn is how to DC and it will help you improve your sprites too, i think he should be some elastic guy, make him a move that he can make his hand longer or his leg longer and hit....
good luck with this project;)
It will look better if you improve his sprites. Is this a some type of combo char?
Good luck with your project.
The sprites are good even if there's a davis face(i think :p). For faster making of the sheet just use bases from other characters. The moves can be linked with plants(because he is wearing a green top :p) or something like ossiee said - moves like streching or something. I think you can DC cause your name said DC....... So, good luck :)
EDIT: And one more thing: In the walking sprites the arms must move cause if they are not when he holds the weapon it will fly by itself.
It is fine.:) Just take a look at his shoulders, they seem to be a flat surface, try fixing it. You can improve your shading on it. Good luck.
making a move call backstabber and it needs cpoint but i don't know how to use it , could someone help me with this . the move looks like this
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQykpxBn9OCsf8B02oZQOF...wn1IMbwvcg]
some done moves
[Image: scaled.php?server=259&filename=comboy.gif&res=landing]
[Image: scaled.php?server=838&filename=spine.gif&res=landing]
Hey quite nice moves ;). The second one could use some wind effect or speed effect. But nice progress, i see. :)