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Full Version: the mask!
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(04-11-2012, 05:34 AM)ossiee Wrote: [ -> ]i fixed the breathing, right now im making the second punch.....
[Image: zix55.gif]
Now it's better. But, his hands move too much while breathing.
pix up/down in walking pls

and could u resprite barely (or entirely :D) the running frames? they look akward and out of proporties
ossiee i can see you wanna make this char very fast.Wait a minutes.First listen us advice then when you improve old stuff then go to the new stuff...
Now breathing looks realy nice.
Give him some chances. He's not that expert yet. However, amazing sprites. Hope it won't die.
and he looks mischevious
and gad i like your signature
ok, here is the second punch and super punch:
[Image: sZfad.gif]- here he is hitting with the plummet
[Image: YHrgQ.gif]- here he is hitting with his butt(like when he stopes the car)
i want to make the running more crazy and like Gad said its out of proportions, any idea's for running?
The butt attack lokks pretty well made, but the plumbet attack doesn't seem to be bery strong.

Running? Maybe a tornado. He spins around very fast, like he used to.
Nice progress so far.:) The plumpet attack can be improved. It will look better if he runs and then pulls out the plumpet attack or some better idea. The butt attack is very well made(looks like heartbeat). Looking for some more good progress.;)
This second punch.hmmmmmmmm...
it will be strange if in some moment there apear weight...
if you want to do that punch you need have more frames with lower wait or better idea is to some other att!!
that my opinions
Awesome Sprites!!
Loving ur progress...
u can fix that plumpet move by making it go at a lighting speed and doing it like a uppercut. [hope u understand wut i am saying]
Good luck for the Project.
~Sonic Boom
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