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Full Version: Really little remake.
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Hello everybodyGrin
This is my first post here, but i reading forum from a long time (maybe 2 years°[]°). Okay, I would like to show my small project which i made some time ago. This is a little remake of all backgrounds in game and some changed frame with HP and MP bars. I also edited some exe and deleted this subtitles from stage, battlemode and communication after used F3- F9 keys.
Anyway just look at the screenshots: (sorry for my ugly english, I hope that I will improve it)
And just one more thing. I don't want to continue this project (yeah, it's unfinished mod, but actually I'm working on different) so if someone would like to use this in own modification - PM me:)

Oh s*it, I forgot about the most important thing: Download link
if you would ditch the 'empty slot' gfx all together it would be good
but making the bars that thin is a waste of space and makes them much harder to make out - especially the mp

i've used this full screen concept within something unreleased as well - but i did not get as far as you (also deleting the 'communication' bars)

what really makes this look bad tho are the backgrounds
their extensions just dont fit - theyve got gaps, gradients that dont match lf2 and cuts where original and new dont blend together at all ... (not to mention i'm a big fan of the black bars at the top and bottom - they could certainly still be there in a thinner form)

but as this is unfinished its at least a different concept to most other things we get to see
so i am looking forward to whatever you are working on now
As YinYin advised, I made bigger bars and moreover connected empty slots. It's impossible to delete them, because one of them hide something what probably is part of game code (I think :P)
I also drew out Julian's explosion:
This is just a suggestion but-
How about you place a foreground image that corresponds to the background
this will cover up the unnecessary bars and give the illusion that it's invisible, couldn’t that work?

edit: if this does work, make each image different for the # of players on the screen
Yes, I tried to do something like this, but this impossible. Every picture saving in exe always is on top. This is impossible (again this word) to cover them by any other image.
(04-11-2012, 07:58 PM)The Hari Wrote: [ -> ]It's impossible to delete them, because one of them hide something what probably is part of game code (I think :P)

are you talking about the pressed keys at the top left? (d0 l0 r0 a0 d0)
well if you can disable the team and F-key notifications why cant you disable those too?
because connecting the empty slots vertically doesn't really help
Is it possible to move the bars @ a fixed position
away from our view (off the screen?)
YinYin: With this "pressed keys at the top left" is something strange. For example I deleted "d0" but after this, it still is showing in game, and I can't find even one "r0".

I don't know how to move bars, maybe it's possible with HEX, but I using just reshacker.

I made 1x1 pixel picture and raplace pictures of bars, frame and characters signatures. Now it looks that:
ahh now i remember why i stopped with this
because there is no transparency on the player frames
if you can get someone to activate transparency there for you it would certainly look better than those blue bars

and the high sky CUHK certainly looks neat

edit: have you tried deleting the frame gfx entirely with reshacker? not even a black dot - just nothing
Reshacker doesn't have option to delete picture, am I right? I tried to replace picture on empty .bmp file, but it failed.
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