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Full Version: Horse in LF2
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Hello again GuysGrin, I just make something what I planned a long time ago. This is just sample and nothing ain't polsihed but I'd like to hear your opinions about this idea.
So, I made horse in LF with using transformation (I also used DLL framework to get rid of bug with transformation). Everything looks that way: horse is a weapon, when character touch him is sent out to frame where he transform into another character (this mean rider on horse), but when charcter go to falling frames, is again transform into original verison (without horse) and also creating another horse-weapon in place where he falled. (hoe you understand, if no just download and chcek it out :P)

Here is some screenshots and of course download link
creative!!. but if it works as U said then we must have the transformed chars.
God damn it, I always forget about something... Here is correct verision of data file. Sorry, yesterday I was really sleepy by all day.
Almost like Hero Fighter, hehe.
Looks pretty cool, I think that it's possible to do it in one date file(without transformation) with special exe ofc.
That is one beautiful stallion.