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Full Version: Hari's scribbles
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woo man cool you draw well but its ear is really big
Really nice sprite. You got shading right. But as Kashif already mentioned the ear is big. I think Photoshop is the best for resizing but i don't resize and make my sprites 79X79. I think it's better to make them 158X158. Keep it up :thumbsup:.
Best is to resize to 1/2n the size. Or, simpler, size it down to 50%, 25%, etc. That way, the pixels get interpolated nicely (ie. a square of 2x2 pixels will, when shrunk down to 50%, result in a single pixel), compared to other values such as 33.3%, 45%, or whatever. Also, for shrinking down in PS, open up the image-size-dialog (aka. ctrl+alt+i) and, at the bottom, select "Bicubic sharper". It slightly sharpens the whole image upon shrinking ;)
Aaaah the pants <3. Epic shading.
Although the rest needs improvement - especially the head and arms proportions.
Wall, as I said I made new sprite. However I'm not going to take out its in contest, because it's (again) too blury (especially bandages), so I'll make new, nonce in 158x158 size. At the beginning I wanted to make same sprite like this, but of course in smaller size, but I'll think about something totally new. Okay, enough. Here is my new work:
[Image: delia.png] Delia - Betrayed angel
Original size (Click to View)
It looks great.
wow welcome to the spriting section Hari ;)

[Image: hari.png]
as gad i love the pants u gave him ( I also like how u shaded the pants of your cchar ur working on ;) )
arms are too thin here and as the others pointed out his ear is kinda strange (maybe cause of the shading idk...)

[Image: delia.png]
facial expressions pls... looks like shes dead or hypnoticed atm ._. make her smile and change the eyes a bit ;)
ear kinda strange again and the hairshading looks a bit like spaghetti :> furthermore its nearly invisible in small
apart from that i dig that sprite, I love the design and the idea ;)

i like what i see, seems like u got potential! keep it up ;)
I know this isn't your first sprite. Gosh, you're good. Keep up with the proportions and you'll be :thumbsup:
Yes,like Hero Destroyer say this isnt your first sprites you have experiences in lf2,right???
I agreed with Mundvoll_ totally.Check some tutorial for eyes,face and hair!!Face looks kinda strangley!
NOW good thinks.
I like yours design shade,its awesome!
You have great clothes design!!
You have big can be one of the better spriter on this forum only if you keep working!!
Check tutorial for hair face...and you will going better and better...
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