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Full Version: Forum Bugs / Update
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Today morning I updated the Forum software from v1.2.13 to v1.4 of Mybb.

This is a really large update of the forum software, for that reason I closed the forums temporary . Now the new software is up, everything which should work works, but since we used a few plugins which don't work on v1.4 we still have to compleate some new stuff in future.

About the Tournaments: THe tournament box dont work in the moment. This is not a plugin but a php-edit. THe data isnt lost - youz can see it in your profile...

THat's all, I'll keep you updated here...

Uh... Good^^ but is it normal that I can see the VIP staff lounge forum's
(08-07-2008, 11:12 AM)sadbhav Wrote: [ -> ]Uh... Good^^ but is it normal that I can see the VIP staff lounge forum's

no, fixed, please report opther bugs you find here...
The Post-Preview Function is pretty screwed up and the toolbar (like Bold, Italics, etc.) doesn't work either

EDIT: Well pretty much everything is screwed right now [Image: rolleyes.gif]
work now :D - like most other stuff which was messed up...

If you cant see tournament forum anymore but registered as fighter please report it here. We usually test Fight Stuff with Azriels account since he's topfighter in the moment and reseted his usergroups for accident :p