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I'm working with my friends on a project Little Fight Online.
We want to create a game with a new generation of little fighters (sons and daughters of the original heroes).
We will add many game modes, for example you can play with friends in the adventure mode in 5 or you can fight in 4 versus another guys.
Png images give us the opportunity to do great effects, lights, glows, etc.
We are looking for spriters of characters and maps, so if you want to be one of us - msg me.

There are screens of our work ;)
[Image: ydsm.jpg]
(Client is based on a graphic of LF2 while we don't have our own. Size of window will be much larger.)

[Image: hftp.jpg]
(Yes, yes... I know. We haven't finished the son of Davis and daughter of Johny, but the Louis's son, which I like the most is done, sorry! xD)

[Image: qcww.jpg]
(We have gained permission to use these drawings. Thank you DarkLadyxD and Fawsyl, I love you ;))

I'm sorry for my english.
I tried the best I can ^^
(game will be in many languages, but not translated by me ^^)
I hope I'm in the right section...
Bye! o/
Welcome to the forums
I suggest to make name more original.
Because LFO is already exist, maybe Little Fight Online Generation.
About spriters, well if you want LF2 style then its gona be realy hard to find some. Spriting for projects is actualy hard work and not many people would like to join because they has theyr own works, like my avatar.
Buts its glad to know that someone trying to make LF2more popular.
Good luck:)
Wow! this looks awesome. Looks like it is going to be a very good version, I can tell that from the screenshots.
Good Luck! 4drik & your team
Not all people mess with EXEs that badly.
It's not messing with exe, it's scripting whole new game.

The idea is nice. I already thought about many of games based on lf2 story/graphics, but I simply don't have much knoweldge about scripting application engines.
I'd firstly work about engine etc, then detailing GUI, which btw. is too big mix of different styles.
I already've got lots of unfinished project sheets which can be used by you without offencing copyrights of original LF2.
this game may become th best lf version.good luck.
:O Well, it looks gorgeous!!!
Wow! That version will be the best I think.... :D

Maybe, you will add new modes or some other things...(optional)
I am really willing to play it. Do your best and don't hurry to make the game. :D
great! it seems you have a good game!
take a look of my project here
one thing I cannot understand about LF2 is: how does the camera system work? can you share about the algorithm?
anyway good luck to your project!
afaik the camera always keeps the same distance to all human players on the same computer, in other words in the middle of them.
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