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Im trying to make my first Char :D Here are the standing frames in super-speed:
[Image: qznbpw.jpg]
And heres the..Face pic...Man, I'm pretty bad at Faces...:
[Image: 28vsqpu.jpg]
I havn't come up with a good name either...but i will! Soon! Hopefully...! Name is Yeoo!! Anyways, Let me know what you think.
That looks nice! I liked that you made the hair green. But... can you please slow his breathing animation so we can get to notice if something is wrong?
Thanks for the positiveness!! And nope, sorry that was the slowest i could make it. I will post the Bmp file tho:
[Image: flare0.png]

wow it looks great but A-man is right pls Slow his breathing speed
A good looking copy-paste character, good luck with it! I am not 100% sure about his hair color though. I think something a bit more neutral could work better.

What kind of moves will he have?

Edit: also, isnĀ“t the color of his pants too dark in game?
[Image: zmb0d0.jpg] Idk, I like the hair...that was the reason i started the char :p About the moves, I'm thinking something vines and stuff, or thorns, stuff like that.
I like the hair too
you mean his attacks will be like, tree, wind, and such[s]? Grin
Thanks YinYin, and yes, thats what i was getting at farhantirrien! :D I'm going to resume working on this char now that exams are over :woah:
Edit: Got the walking frames: [Image: 34yvded.jpg]
Edit2: Walking/Running/Standing done. [Image: ftjm8.jpg]
Running was annoying, i couldn't simply copy & paste, cuz dennis & woody have different running styles.
Edit3: Skill#1 Yeoo will create these creepy vine things that shoot up into the sky, explode, and start raining thorns on everyone.[Image: 209ha2d.jpg] I will make the vines greener later, when I finish the basic movement sprite sheets. Cred to Xezan
pretty cool, i like it, good ideas, the sprites look pretty good...
the vines move too fast! make it a little slower...
good luck with the char;)
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