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Full Version: [Mod] LF2 - Mystics
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Woah, awesome data changing standard on your mod, it's really great

btw. 2 more thumbs up, 14 now :D
Oh my gawd. I didn't see this before! I gotta download this when I get home. Ahhhhhhh ....

i like your stages
and a like leon
agree with stence.
But I could only play stage mode, that maybe was a bug.

2 more thumbs up, total 16 thumbs.
No, that was not a bug.
Maybe the next version will have everything, because I first want to concentrate on the story more. And since I didn't find any good IDs for the computers, I just let Silva delete the computer selection thingy. I think I'll leave the thing with the computer selection, because you guys should beat all enemys alone! :P
Yay looks cool.

BTW: what are thumbs?

[Image: 605480_thumbs_up_with_clipping_path_thumb%5B5%5D.jpg]
This is a thumb, lol
Oh then
as much thumbs up as possible ...just kidding only four:)
well i played with my brother but actron is the best !!!
I played with my brother too but then it was frozen I couldnĀ“t finish stage 2.
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