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Full Version: [Mod] LF2 - Mystics
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finally.....this is one of the best mods i have ever played.....its really creative and really cool....i remember when you said that new update will come on July 2008 or something like that...and i said that its too long.......and now...i feel like it was yesterday^^
Great job. Thumbs up.( I have 3 thumbs lol jks)
i like how you got the bandit to come down from the rope and drop the milk bottle
A'ight, long time nothing new.

I've already finished Phil's smoke grenade and I've been think of a new move.
But somehow I can't really decide which type of "gun" I should take...
  • Sniper: I don't really like that idea. A sniper rifle is used for long-ranged fights which you can't really get in LF2
  • Machine Gun: Could be possible, but when I use this I want to use the input-holding thingy which is quite difficult to make.
  • Pistol: Is too familar, although I've considered some sort of Pistol-stance where you can walk around with the pistol 'n stuff.
So yea, vote which possability you like most.

EDIT: of course you can also give some other suggestions what attack could fit too. In fact, I don't really like any of these so PLEASE give me some ideas...
maybe if you make phil squad he can shoot his machine guin

machine gun is my vote
[Image: machinegunnz3.gif]
Does this look good? :confused:

I think it is not that good. DubbleD gave me a suggestion about another grenade, so probably I'll make something like this.

just change the sprites for the bullets:p

i have tons of suggestions,but tell me first do you want only guns, or physical too?
Yea it's very good, i like this method fall.
i got this idea from half-life maybe you have the machine gun combien the with grenede but with diffrent keys
Yes I think I'll use something like this :)

Alright long time no update.
Guess what, I can now pick up work on LFM again. Finally after a 3 week pause.


This is the wall picture I drew.
I used a mouse to draw that btw >.>

And I just chose such a boring background design to prevent you from guessing some parts of the story. An old wall can't tell you much :P
A video how the level will look like with plants, stones and so on will follow soon :)
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