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Full Version: sprites and big sprites
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1 hf sprite

[Image: 2mfiu7b.jpg] also i am gona make some more modifications in this sprite

please tell me how can i improve it
and i will post my lf2 sprites later

[Image: Il9TA.png]
[Image: 1Nm6s.png]
[Image: bj8jzt.jpg]
[Image: 33xg9ph.jpg]
random guy
[Image: 28cq71d.jpg]
[Image: 2viideh.jpg]
[Image: 10mpw21.jpg]
[Image: 9hqbvb.jpg]
check mate
[Image: 4q1z4i.jpg]
sword guy
[Image: 302bcko.png]
nice but his hair is coming between his eyes
thats gohan and his hair comes on the eyes however looks weird ok i will fix it
ok i know in the original cartoon there is but here it dosent suite
Legs are weird, they are definitley little to short or to tiny--I can decide whats the problem.. Also in hf style use opacy for shading because is HD and HQ sprite.. 4 colors shading isn't enough..i think... with opacy you got big spectrum of one color... :P
more contrast on his t-shirt. ;)

All at all, keep spriting/drawing and i expect you in revamp contest. ;)
Mehh, still "ultimate", haha! Xd
Get it? ultimate, ultimate gohan.. Grin
ok i will post updated version some time
Have you ever thought of making a character?
he did already, tarrlok for the TLOK mod
I must be new here..
(Indeed) Grin
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