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Full Version: [Char] Kirito
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heyho i don´t know if anybody know the light novel SwordArtOnline .
but iam atm at doing the main char .
the sprite isn´t ready yet but it will be done next time.
it would be nice if anybody would give me some advices because its
a double blade wielder

So here is the beginning of my spriting:
the standard atk should be an uppercut with the left hand and then be followed from a right hand slash.
as a combo there should be the next moce as a whirl cut with the left + a down slash with the right
Hey there, welcome to the forum.

I don't know the light novel or the character.. Anyway, I hope you have a picture soon, so that we actually can give you an advise.. Also, it is great to have ideas, but perhaps it's best to start a topic after you made some progress next time :) That way the topic has meaning and we can help you. ;)
I'd maybe tone down the white stripes a tiny bit (except if you plan on making them glow at night :p). Other than that, solid work! Keep it up :)
For a first sprite, this looks extremely fine to me. If you can keep up that level of detail and quality to the last pic, this would turn out to be (sprite-wise) a flawless char.

I suppose he's wielding some sort of black blade in his right (/behind his back), indicated by that blueish line (being the edge?). If so, could you may post a single picture of him standing in front of a white back... actually that doesn't work well because of the first blade... can you place him in front of a colored background maybe? Like... pink? XD

Thanks, nontheless, you can see the second blade more clear in front of that background once your eyes have recovered from the severe case of pinkburn.
For Alblaka: (Click to View)
The sprite part of this char looks amazing! I just hope you can DC as well as you sprite :awesome:

You requested it yourself, even if it was sarcastic :p
(02-05-2013, 03:22 PM)Alblaka Wrote: [ -> ]can you place him in front of a colored background maybe? Like... pink? XD
You inflicted the PINKBURN upon yourself °[]°
haha thank you for all the nice replies :)
i hope i can finished this char like it is now but im really a noob atm :)
about coding i don´t have any ideas yet but i study informatic for bachelor
so i might get it until some time :)
Sorry, but head looks kind a cut from other pic.
thats easy because it is cutted :D
any ideas to put that imagination away?
the problems with the cut head are:
-you probably dont have all the head positions you need
-its not cleanly cut (there are brigth pixels around it)
-the drawing style is different from the rest

best thing would be to redraw the head yourself, will look better since the styles will fit. also you will have less trouble making new head positions if you draw the original head too.
k i will try to
EDIT: ok the head is new now :)
i will show u nxt time