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Full Version: Downtime
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I'm quite sure you recognized LFE was down today. Reason is simply: Blame the search engine Bing for it.

Well, problem should be solved, welcome back!
And there I was worried that I have been the cause of the downtime because of uploading my new, untested hacking virus to an attachment to...
Nevermind, just proceed, nothing to read here.

Though, what exactly happened, crawler overload?
correct: crawler overload?
Fight back! Overload Bing! ...
Step 2:

Check if .htaccess if still present.
btw how could this be possible?
aint there any secure system against something like this?
Alternatively we need to look for a system to protect us from that.

Or have you possibly set a crawl rate on bing for lfe?

If you haven't set crawl rates anywhere yet maybe you should try to do that on more serach engines.
Google allows this too as far as I know.