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Full Version: Gotenks WIP
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Progress till now of super gotenks
[Image: i301600_gotenks0.PNG]
[Image: i301601_gotenks1.PNG]
[Image: i301602_gotenksf.PNG]
should I blur the sprites a bit?
BTW not started normal gotenks till now :p
My progress is stopped because I don't have any sounds of gotenks. Can some one help me? Give me the link for gotenks sounds or if you have a collection of dbz sounds pls send them to me :D
japanese or english?
I have both of them~ :D
but most of them are in english~ ;)

Do not blur them.
Its ripped from a snes game. Pixel art.
You would ruin it.
i have seen those sprite
well lets see how awesome this comes out
How about don not wasting time for character that no one will be play and create something like Hein again? Copy&Paste? Recolour? Everything is better than ripped sprites. And why is it always dbz?
i would play a gotenks character if it would be lf2 styled or just awesomely done skill-wise.
(02-15-2013, 11:09 AM)The Lost Global Mod Wrote: [ -> ]if it would be lf2 styled
[Image: zvr6yx.png]
Who really download and yet keep in his lf2 ripped chars? They completely destroys atmosphere and simply looks bad compared to original characters.
Correct me if I'm wrong. But PF and Harlequin's DBZ mod will have him. But the problem is when it release. :P
@ hari
I've got irfanviewer that has a effect, of new blur effect that can reduce or increase regularization and iteration(in filter settings)!
Check it out after it is finished :evilsmile:
(02-15-2013, 01:05 PM)Hero destroyer Wrote: [ -> ]Correct me if I'm wrong. But PF and Harlequin's DBZ mod will have him. But the problem is when it release. :P
haha... It would be cool!! :D

should I give gotenks transmission[teleport power even he don't have in DBZ(for really short distance)]???
Maybe , I want to give. :D :o
Is it possible for me to use bashcrazy's dust sprite?
If I use it would it be stealing! IDK how to contact him :(
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