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Full Version: LF2-Last Element (Stage Mode)
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Well...this is my biggest project! Its already finished but its in German.

I would post some Screenshots..but its a hard one for me..(Tablet) and there is no many new things, it is just a stage mode with a new story and some old/new chars, special moves,..

The main thing in this Stage Mode is to beat Bloodaxe and destroy all evil guys :)
You can use 3 Chars Freeze Froze and Frozen...Froze (Frozen by Siegvar) Frozen (Frozen by Prince Freeza)...this is the Last Element....Ice!
I use some more music in the game lots of new songs...

Whats specialy?
Ahmmmm...There are 5 Stages with own Ideas..
Stage 1...just fight boss-lots of Bandits
Stage 2...just fight boss-Trap
Stage 3...Team fight John.XD

I dont will tell to much.but the biggest special is the End Scene..when you beat the game I programm a ending sequence!

Another special Master piece of Dc! In final stage the complet Ice elememt comes to help...that mean when you play Freeze..Froze and Frozen must appear to help you...I need lots of time to programm that effect, that the fightets comes that you need..also that no two of Freezes are there :)

To tell the mainstory I use the Dc idea from MH-Razen...the beginn is like LF Kingdom...
In Last Elememt are some Speech LF Lauli! Great stage mode :)

Yes I think that is all what I can say...I try to translate it..or ask someone to help...

In the next week I put the Stage mode on you can download it!

Did you took siegvar and prince preeza's permision to use their characters? :huh:
Yes I take a lot of thinks create by other Guys...Backgrounds..Chars...but I work is just the stage mode...the stage dc part!...I write some thanks in the ending sequenc!
When its not OK...I can stop the work...the project is over a year old...and create in a time when I wasnt registred on LF Empire..and cant ask someone for the premission, I just hope thats OK.
Basically, when you take stuff from others for personal use, then it's no problem, you don't have to ask for permission ;)

However, if you use them in a project of yours that you release publicly, you always have to ask for permission from all the original creators first, before you post the project. Only including them in the credits (or whereever) isn't quite enough...
Mean that I must have a premission when I change some colours? When the background is now red and no green more? When Yes..I can ask Apocalipsis.

(When I just change some colours I would never say the background is made by me.)

And a small problem..I change one char..Liso...a bit much..small datachange and colours...but I don t see pH...the creator...what when I cant find him?
Yeah!,,,The translation is finished..thanks Lauli!
Now I must just write a readme...check the Text speed its diffrent German-English and get some premissions. Then its ready to upload! :)