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Full Version: [Char] A01's Anti-Davis
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This isn't my character, but I'm hosting this because I've made adjustments to his sprites and data.
After being so impressed with his design, I decided to make him more like LF2 with some balancing and touch-ups.

You can download him here. (It won't let me attach for some reason.)

D^A Punishing Upper (195 MP)
D>A Breaker Blast (130MP)
DvA Cope Punch (125 MP)
D^J+A Leap and Downward Punch (25MP + 80MP)
Run+D Shadow (30MP)
-A Backwards Punch (0MP)
DOP+J Evasion (100MP)
(Ground) D Ukemi

Changes from A01's version:
-Sprites touched up. Not 100% finished though.
-He has a higher jump and dash, but they cover less distance to make it equal.
-Ukemi added: Press Defend on the ground
-Punishing Upper loses its anti-air properties, but it can be folllowed into Downward Punch. A new voice for it can be heard as well.
-"Backwhack" added (dash and attack the other way). It does less damage than a regular dash attack
-Breaker Blast is limited to one at a time and has juggle properties against airborne objects. Properties reduced slightly
-Cope Punch has its range reduced. You can combo into it from his running attack.
-Running Shadow is removed. You can do the move the same way you would roll. It is heavily altered to be balanced
-Super Jump covers slightly less range, but it has lower costs along with Downward Punch

Known Bugs
Randomly does ground action with weapons while in the air.
You mean you took someone char, edited and posted without promise?
I think you should give credits and if its posible contact creator and ask for permission.
I have this in the readme:

Made by A01
Redone by Bat Tamer

I'm not claiming him at all here.

Edit: The creator is a Chinese member who is not part of this community. I doubt it matters much since this is a 10-year-old character.
I'm just shocked I would be asked this even when I said WHOSE character it was.
Ohh well then, my bad I am using phone, so cant open any rar or txt.
Cant say if its balanced or not because havent seen character in action before you balanced, but still.
Its good to see that someone is interested in balancing :)
I'm sorry. Well, to be honest, I'm not fond of overpowered characters OR characters with all seven inputs. That kills the fun of being challenged. I'm trying to make an LF2 that's completely different from the normal one while still providing a balanced experience.
Good job.
I think you should start working on something bigger. :)
Ask me if you will be in need of sprites, i got some unused sheets.