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Full Version: My first project Inomo
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So i did said that i been making a new project so here it is
Name: Inomo
D>A: Flame Blast
DvA: Ice Blade
D>J: Wind Dash
he just 50% done because i just fix the spirte a little bit and didn't add any new flame, just fix the old one from Deep but i will try to make it better
sorry for no pic, i don't know how to add it.....yet.
can you show some sprite , screenshot ?
(05-23-2013, 07:46 AM)betitngoan Wrote: [ -> ]can you show some sprite , screenshot ?
yeah that the problem, i still don't know how to show spirte or screenshot....yet
beside, i just learn to do all this thing so..... it kindna bad, so maybe you and few VN people on this site could help me( I am just a kid :) )

Goddamit, guys.
No offence, but why don't you read rules first?
That is retarded.

Once you have link to your screenshot file you can post it or put in img tag.
ok thanks
also here some pic (screenshot working)
[Image: cebb92ccmfg2xwbf5.bmp]
[Image: cebbb5xtjd70xlk9d.bmp]
[Image: cebbbb9b8lbnslscx.bmp]
[Image: cebbchff7cgt1dgpd.bmp]
[Image: cebbcn370yn2cqq4x.bmp]
kindna bad isn't it, i'll try to make it better
not bad for a first time