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Full Version: new char davwoody
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i am making new char Davwoody by combination of Davis and Woody
-_-. Ermm, oh well, good luck to you.(Look at my sig)

DADY (DAvis + WooDY) xD
So? There can be more versions of that fusion, there might be Woovis one day, now we almost have Davy.
Davwoody not good, maybe Davdy ?
i would call him Daoody / Daudy
also please work a lill more on how he look
how abut woodis
woovis? doody?
i had to! :P

EDIT: well everyone can think of something, its his choice and he choose idk
it has ray-man effects
(05-24-2013, 08:12 AM)DesignHeaven Wrote: [ -> ]also please work a lill more on how he look

To be a little more specific.. Try to make a cool blend between the two characters. Mix some colors and the designs. Like this for example:

[Image: davwoody_zps304a492c.png]

The design is far from perfect, but it is just meant to give you an idea on what to change.

- I used Davis' shirt color for his pants, Woody's shirt color for his eyes, Davis' hair color for the shoes etc.
- I wanted to make his hair a blend between both hairs, but could be done better (this was just a quick sketch after all)
- Shirt is longer, but no longer has maws.
Maybe try to mix details of theyr jackets, or mix color of jackets, mix color of hair, facial features: fusion theyr eyes and face proportions.
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