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Full Version: Challenge Stageset for Deep
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This is something I've been making for quite a while. It's a custom stage file with all 5 stages in it. (The Survival is blank), and you're supposed to play it with Deep, in Normal Difficulty. (Using FPS Changer is okay)

The difficulty varies from stage to stage, stage 1 being what would seem easy to stage 5 that is really, really hard. To me at least. I still can't beat it.

You can also play it with another player, but it's designed for one player so the number of the enemies will mostly double if you do, making it much harder. The bosses won't multiply though, as I've removed the ratio tags for them.

Screenshots (Click to View)
Guide/Walkthrough/Strategy, utter copypasta from somewhere where I released this first. (Click to View)
There's no extra bg or anything in it, just a stage file, so all you need to do is to download it, then replace your stage.dat with it.
Download Link:

If anyone actually beats stage 5 I'd like the lfr so I can watch. I can't beat it myself. Even with FPS Changer.