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Full Version: 5 things in a post!
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I had no internet for a month, so I was doing some creations: 1; BanditLUz, he can do kunais, grenades knifes and milk videos:

screenshots (Click to View)

2; Firen's infinite balls, firen now can do infinite fire balls
this is 2 things: 3 and 4; deep and louis's new move: Deep runs and catch a person, gives a kneeing and do dash sword move, it so over powered, and louis runs, to the first person who will stand, kicks him
5; rudolf fall from the sky and, the first to jump in, get two swords and gives a knock with it a few times and cloned three rudolf

Download for all: >>click hiar<<

if the videos is loading, wait, 9:35 a.m. june 1/6/13: i uploading the videos man

and if you have an problem, comment and make a question
i actually voted for not bad.
modifications you did are good, even nothing attracting about sprites. but those what you did cant stand alone. i mean these are just some modifications which arent in one full char except bandit.
this kind of way is not successful. next time, try to make a full char or weapon or sth else.

i admire that you have initiative to work on projects and i hope that you will continue so.