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Full Version: My first modification
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Hi all!
I am new in the forum, I was looking at it from a long of time, but I just registred!
This is my first creation, it might be simple or easy to do for you, but for me, it's my first time:
[Image: 63400_Template.png]
Well, I took the data of the Davis attack, and the attack itself (I mean the sprite) and I colored it with red, and puted it on template attack sprite...
Can someone tell me if it's a good beginning, what I should do now to improve my skills and if someone can help me, I will be grateful.
Yep!!! Awesome start. If you could manage t think of unique move out of those templates or impressive combos by combining them, I'm sure everyone will like it.
First of all, learn DCing, that's the most important part. If you know the basic ones, try to learn the advance. It's not too hard, I learned all in a week. :P Anyway, remember, better DCing Skills lead to better character, isn't that right?
As for the spriting, you can learn it slowly, no need to rush foolishly like I used to do. :P Try to first recoloring using Photofilter or Photoshop.(Check the mainsite for those tuts). When you can got the hang of recoloring, try re-editng, combining different parts of different sprites. After that, learn to hold a brush and make a pose/base/shading and eventually, you learn how to sprite. There are lots of tuts here you can find. Just search them.
Recommend programs for sprites:
Photofilter(Not that good, only for re-coloring, I guess)
GIMP (I dont like GIMP, but you can try, it's not that bad)
Adobe Flash (This is Gad's tut and I think it's an excellent program to make a spritesheet in little time)
Photoshop (Ermm, I use this program, and I got to say, it's pretty handy)
All in all, try hard and good luck. :D
Thanks for your fast answer, I am trying to do my best, for the programs, I am more familiar with PhotoFilter, I used it to color that attack (from blue to red), and thanks again for your help.
Now I am making a Genkidama (from dragon ball, goku's attack), I mean I am making the attack, I found the sprite by googling it...
Now I just created the genkidama_ball with the sprites, now I will create the attack, I think I will just copy from the one of Julian, if you could help me, I will be grateful.
There was a rather nice DBZ mod for LF2 a while back, but it was taken down and I have forgotten its name... If you manage to get your hands on that, you could check the .dat of Goku and see how the Spirit Bomb was created there, it was quite nice. Julian's ball is simply charging a ball forward, but there Goku held his hands up and gathered the ball, then threw it, so it slowly descended, like in the anime.
Ye I know, I opened a thread for help, I am not thinking to make a whole mod, just some attacks that I like, and I need help for centerx and centery, can you see the thread that I created about it? Thanks