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Full Version: Template 001
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[My first char]
I didn't find a good name, so it's just Template 001, it's a basic char, a very simple one.
[Image: face.bmp]

Screen Shots:
Credits to bashscrazy for Bigbang and super kamehameha (Vegito)
to Ramond and Reaper for helping me making my attacks.
[Warning: This char contains a lot of bugs, so forgive me, I am a newbie Dcer.]
Download link:
I took some attacks from vegito so you need vegito files, I puted the files that you need with mines in the download links, so don't worry if you don't have him.
Futur sprites, tell me if you like them so I will add them:
[Actually, I need a spriter to help me in my future projects, if someone is interested, pm me please. Thanks]
I like your effort and will check this character! :D btw bigbang and super kamehameha are of Gogeta no Vegito..

keep it up man!
Not bad

Movement of the character that makes the attack
Really liked

Try to do other things

A good figure

Good luck with it!
Thanks for your answers guys, hope the others like it too.
Do you think that this hair is good?
Maybe white?
I guess this is a good start.
But if you plan on making another character I suggest you consider making the moves somewhat original. Saiyan moves are meh, not really so exciting. And ofcourse I'm a sprite critic so hopefully you do something spritewise aswell, even if you do copy paste sprites, because those can look pretty cool sometimes. :P
the char must be awesome :D
well i can make sprites out of two but i am not good spriter
heres the example
I like white hair, add it! :D
sprite/vegito/super/combo.bmp is missing
sprite/vegito/normal/combo.bmp is missing