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well i was always wondering y none talked about LFE mod before.
cuz in the mainsite we got alot of good chars and maps.
so y dont we make a small plot - choose 7 maps we have here , make a stage mod (+2 maps for VS mod) , edit the exe and put all the best fighters we got?
than to make it more than just a mod gathering our chars we can add them the abillity to make 1 special attack together (like the 4 ninjas of Alblaka)
btw in exchanging of julian we can put a (classic) boss like (found a way to do it in some Russian web) in the shape of a blue phoenix :D
also those days we can easily make non-special chars with just basic moves to be the enemies on the stages (thanks to gad and yinyin sprites and data templates)

so what do u think?
Yeah right.
Last time i decided to share that idea, it didn't grow up to exact level.
the mod can be way easier and faster created those days - also the quality of the mod will be way better than old times
Muahah thanks to my flashy thing, right.
Still I think there will be not enough eager ppl.
this lfe mod you speaking was suggested a lot of times.
and also, this idea of yours does not sounds realy clear. lfe have some chars. but most of them are from futuristic world to magic world or even medieval.
ok here is character list WHICH IS NOT FROM ANY ANIME and made by fan of lf2 not fan of anime or cartoon or any thing related to it. I picked ones which looks fine to me.

why not to make story for them? there are a lot of templates. why not to make template wars which actualy would remind rn lf2
U want to Include chars like DAO or UFO? RLY? XDD
Template wars - sounds cheap-sprited :D

Yes I do, Several.
But you always know everything the best, so there is no way to prove you wrong.
(08-18-2013, 04:48 PM)Gad Wrote: [ -> ]U want to Include chars like DAO or UFO? RLY? XDD
Template wars - sounds cheap-sprited :D
umm dude. i just showed fine chars. Dao is good character.
u say its cheap.
can you show me something better?
maybe you got some mod?
or dont you?
or you just cant admit that you are making mod but calling it not mod but just additional stage-.- which contains 5 stages, plus whole army and its still additional which is not some fan made sequel to the game even when julian is running away when he was in middle of the fight.-.-

the amount of special char dosent need to be that big..
i would say more or less those:
so here you go. have main chars. now just form a team, make enemys, dc, ai , exe, maybe someone with music would hep and here new mod is born.
The idea might have been discussed one or twice, I'm not sure. It's not a bad idea but I would strongly advice you against using any of those characters (or backgrounds, etc) before getting the permissions of the people who made them.

Just sayin'.
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