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Full Version: denise (progress)
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well, i'd like to make a female fighter, and use dennis as the prototype.
(i'll make her some kick skills like dennis DvA and D>J.

standing [Image: wUvQS0I.gif] walking [Image: 4aSHSId.gif]
running [Image: mSYOTb1.gif]
punches [Image: D5NrcEM.gif] JA [Image: hrGO1a3.gif] RA [Image: 1cDiLPO.gif] DA [Image: mYeA9L2.gif]
Nifty boots.
looks, great.
good to see people making stuff :)
sprite looks realy nice
yinyin, why y u no pressing thanks?

who got complains?
edit: thank you :)
That's a great designing skill and sense of shading.
But add new attacks and skills, not just skins.
If you need ideas I'm in PM :)
Really nice drawing, especially boots :D

There are to less female characters and most of them are jan's versions :p Your char is different, keep working
[Image: NdA0AEY.gif] [Image: wxFx5oT.png]

Sprite is good but things which bother me is too big contrast.(too shinyyyyy)
Mean i dont think it would fit with other chars..
Sprite itself is greaat, no complains.

Might be just my feel, taste or idk..

@V, true.. but i had to say it.. my opinion :P
for my its fine, maybe just hair shine could be less shining

Quote:Mean i dont think it would fit with other chars..
thats not a problem
[Image: Frozen2_pic.png] too much HQ compared to other lf
[Image: KidBuu_pic.png]too much blur.
[Image: Ether_pic.gif]matter was to make a char.
[Image: FreeRo_pic.gif]does this fits?

Quote:too big contrast.(too shinyyyyy)
I just can see that its her hair, nothing else.
and I think its your taste as you say :)
to YinYin
i wanna make her looks cuter. :)

to Sam Fisher
Of course, she will get some new moves besides dennis' old ones.

to EXG, Marko
i'll get her hair less shining. thx for your opinion. :)
looks good. like it
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