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Full Version: Little Fighter 2: The Curse - A New Start
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Hey Guys, remember my Old Cursed LF2 Thread?, I am doing it again, its a whole remake, so I didn't ask BP to open the thread again, anyway's, here are the screenies.

ONE More Screenie!

Readme and Credits (Click to View)
Glitches and Bugs (Click to View)
Click me to download
Super Update!!!!
Still making Stage 2, sorry, posted quick, also, sorry for that Unknown thing, it looks funny right now that he changes his color only in first sprite afterwards not, will fix in next update.
Screenshots look awesome, when will we be able to play it?
And could you add movelist of characters to a spoiler?
And also seperate videos for showing characters. I would love to see all special moves of characters.
And yeah, we need a download link.

edit: If you need a reference how a real project thread should look like, even without videos, this should be it:
I don't understand. Is this a mod or a story?
Edit: Ninja'd
A Mod, also, even if its a WIP, I will try to post as quick as I can, My internet is pretty slow, and xmfcx sure, I will put what the new char's have to offer.
I can't post videos.Despite being Having a bad internet, It will die eventually on posting videos
I don't know how to make Gif's ._.
Great mod there and is there a new stage mode?Cant wait to play it :D.
This is a Whole edit to stage. WAIT, its supposed to be Stage Prefix not Version.
This mod looks hot...i bet ill play it for hours nonstop :D btw how long did it take to make this mod?
I started working on it yesterday, I finished stage 1 already, stage 2 is next, as I need to do more adjustments to the Stage 2-2 survive for 2 minutes feature, Stage 2-1 is finished with, Reinforcements in 2 minutes I will be posting screenies for stage 2 now.
A few tips on making screenshots:
  • Use the regular resolution for screenies. Maximizing stretches the image and ultimately makes them too big.
  • Try Alt+PrtSc instead. It only captures your active window.
  • You can crop the window border if you want it to look a little more professional.

The game itself doesn't seem too bad. The presentation could be improved though. Like, I didn't know what that second-to-last screenshot was about (with Davis's balls) until I read the changes. I'll keep an eye on this.
Thanks Bat, also, Readme is updated, I wrote something wrong in there.
Uploading Beta release, will be posted shortly, watch out for Justin's and Knight's :P.
OH, also, the Demon Archer doesn't have his own Face Pic and Small Pic along with the Demon Thief, I am making the Demon Archer AI, as I did also want hunter to be in the game, along with bandit, demon versions of the current enemy's are still WIP, except for Knight and Justin, I can make a Demon Knight if anyone wants to though(Making the AI takes most of my time, as I don't know AI scripting that good yet, I didn't include AI and DLL in yet, as the Demon Archer will spam arrows not showing his face)
Beta Download ready, just extract the Zip file anywhere and start playing, I included EXE in it as well.
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