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Full Version: Sprite Grids via GIMP - Beginner's Guide
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Here I will explain how i create grids for sprites using >>GIMP<<

We will use the louisEX_3.bmp for demonstration.
Open bmp with gimp. To do this, simply carry the bmp file to gimp Toolbox.
And we will have Layers panel open.
To open it, press ctrl+L or Windows-->Dockable Dialogs-->Layers.
[Image: Z9VQyCn.png]
And then we create a new layer:
[Image: r99xjH1.png]
Now when we are in our new transparent layer, we go to
[Image: cpZ7Knk.png]
Now, our LouisEX data file important part is here:
file(210-251): sprite\sys\louisEX_3.bmp  w: 118  h: 79  row: 6  col: 7

w: 118 and h: 79
we add 1 to both
119 x 80
set the other thingies as it's shown in pic:
[Image: d4FNynu.png]
And press OK.
Awesome, isn't it. But it's not over.
we must turn
We must carry this grid layer to 1 px up and 1 px left.
To do this, while we are in our grid layer, we press one by one:
^ (up key)
< (left key)
And, click some gray or black area to finish carrying work.
Now it's over and looks like this:
[Image: 6y3M2Gi.png]
Now you can export it through File-->Export or ctrl+shift+E
and export your file as asdfasda.bmp and it's over :)
Hmm, you might have to zoom out to see pictures easily, i screenshotted them a little big.
Hmm, i dont know if there are any other easier methods or shortcuts, i learnt using gimp by myself and i may have done some things in longer ways. If you have anything to make it shorter, please reply.:)
Well this is quite helpful.. :P
Hey Mfc, thanks for this Tut, its really helpful, well, at least for me as I don't know anything about Gimp, by the way do we have to save it as asdfasda.bmp? Its quite a weird name :P.