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Okay, so after a lot of thinking i have decided to release this character even if he is not fully finished and stuff. It's just a shame that i keep him only for myself even if he is almost finished. This also means that i won't probably work on any characters ever again...
Sooo guys meet Newish! :D
[Image: newish_fPNG.png][Image: Spriteth.png]
Some of you know the sprite, some of you even tried him out as a character but some of you just met him. He's basically a normal fighter with some punches, kicks and ki-balls. He also has a badly shaded torso.

Here's the Move list:
I'll just shortly explain them because i'm too lazy to make animations.
D > J - Fist of fury (How awesome does that sound?)
Basically he charges up his fist with ki turning it into a bigger fist made out of ki and he charges in front of him hitting any enemy oposing him.
D > A - Aura ball
The casual ball attack with recolored Woody ball sprites.
D ^ A - Spin Kick
He spins with his legs in the same spot.
D ^ J - Dash Kick
He goes front again spinning and kicking with his legs.

Now that you read what he can do you can finally download him and try him out:

Finally the credits:
Bla bla bla 44 - Inicial idea, Spriting, DC-ing
davis60 - DC-ing, Dirty pixel remover, Beta tester and also made an ai thing but i don't really understand those stuff. Either way thank you davis! :)
Dr. Time - DC-ing help, New combo move idea provider, Beta tester also helped a lot in the process of making so thank you aswell! :)

YinYin - Template of Data and sheet
Apoc - Copy of the hair
EXG9 - Punching bases, Alpha tester
Siegvar - Jump attack bases
A big thanks to these guys! :)

Feel free to comment the character and last but not least
Enjoy it peeps! :D
Pretty awesome. Not very fun to play with yet but certainly has the potential.

Please do keep working on him. You could get back to it by adjusting sprite positions on the sheet as seen here to prevent stationary feet from sliding around (in punching for example).
So I gave it a shot:
The character's sprites are splendid, but the moves Data Changing needs some workout.
-His D>A balls look quite solid. I think it is because of the black outlines that appear on them (most likely because of some blur effects and such you did on it).
-D>J: Looking good, but not as good as it should be. I think adding few more frames into that and speeding up the animation would do it some justice.
-D^J: Goood!
-D^A: Too slow and impossible to hit an enemy with. The animation looks laggy. Decrease that charge in the start of the move, and speedup the animation a bit.

-Running: Too slow (?). Make him run faster.
-Punching: Too short :P. Give him a dvx there.
-DvJ makes you dash.
-Dash attack has an itr that lasts until you land; OP.
-center values need workout.

Nevertheless, great. I would really like to see an update on this with stuff fixed XD.
Keep this up!
I never noticed this thread in my hurry-ness :p
Yeah, this needs some more adjustment to be made, you should definitely do a second version.
Keep up ;)
This must have slipped past me because I am usually unaware of new posts in subforums. (Thanks to A-Man for mentioning it in another post lol)

-Right off the bat, even if you don't need mirror sprites, you should probably include them. I didn't need them and people always complained to me to make them for my characters a few years ago. Now I need them so I know what they are talking about! HAH!
-also the AI doesn't even work. There are errors so it doesn't even load. Should have checked that out before posting it.
-centerx and centery are really bad for the light weapon attacks lol - need adjustments for drinking as well. same with the D>A ball.
-he runs pretty slow too, might wanna speed him up.
-put the ITR of the super punch on the "blur" part of the sprites not the end sprite.

-I like the D^A spin kick, but it's slow and doesn't move so only useful in the dance of pain. I think it should do more damage though because of that. Only problem with this attack is if you use it with the enemy behind you, instead of kicking them backwards, they move forward and it just looks awkward. Either use 2 separate itrs that shoot in different directions or use effect 23 I think it is? (I believe it's effect 23 that splits your itr in half, one side shooting to left and one shooting to right - I use for explosions but it requires a negative dvx tag to work properly)

But as YinYin said the character has potential. I hope you are still working on him and fixing these little bugs and issues!

[Image: 0cwNciQ.png]
HAH! He gets hit from so far away! and as you can see he's flying in the wrong direction.
I am aware of the many bugs this character has which is why i said that he is not fully finished. However, I decided not to work on him or any character really because i lack motivation. But I thank you for your comments and what do you know, maybe, one day I would be able to fix this pile of mess. :)
Sorry bro ! I did'nt notice it before... Cool char
(08-04-2014, 01:51 PM)Bla bla bla 44 Wrote: [ -> ]I decided not to work on him or any character really because i lack motivation.
Not cool :\. He is quite near from done. The bugs aren't that much either. But well, that's your decision.

bash Wrote:ai don't work
I take full responsibility for that. I made the ai that time maybe 1 year before, the time when I was learning how to script. Now, I am coding some scripts in GTA San andreas and so now I understand it better than last year. Now, if you want blablabla I will rewrite it for you.
Extremely sorry for this :(