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Full Version: Downtime III
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...and the great quest continues!

On a more serious note, though, this post/announcement is to inform that LFE is back up and running as before. To those of you that weren't on IRC during the past week, I'll try to sum it up:
  • LFE and HFE are both running on the same server with the same contract
  • HFE got compromised, the host shut down the site and anything that is somewhat related
  • MH had to sign a paper that he will do anything he can to prevent this from happening ever again plus take down any vulnerable things
  • Status of now: LFE Mainsite is up, LFE-Forums up as well. HFE-Mainsite will have to be rebuilt completely, HFE-Forums probably need a major upgrade.

Why did it take so long? Host demanded a lot of things which were impossible to do for the mere mortals, so negotiations took place. Yes, I know, retarded explanation but that's how the potato rolls.

That's all I can tell for now.
Woh.. So what kind of vulnerable things do you plan to remove? I suppose one is the avatar uploading feature?
Finally its back... :p after daays of forbidden-ness.
(07-18-2014, 04:19 PM)A-MAN Wrote: [ -> ]Woh.. So what kind of vulnerable things do you plan to remove? I suppose one is the avatar uploading feature?

LFE should be completely unharmed from any measures. HFE suffers from much greater losses in this case (which is the mainsite being gone for good). If I didn't mess up with the whole chmod-stuff, avatar-changing should work. At least it does for me.
i guess we need a new deadline for the tournament?
I'm glad it's back! The page went down on the day that I wanted to release my Goku character, I checked here like 10 times a day haha.

My friends were making fun of me as well. Saying I was visiting "forbidden websites". Guilty as charged.
Yay Bluephoenix and MH-Razen!!!!:D
I'm glad, but what actually happened?
Downtime 1 > 1 day:)
Downtime 2 > 2 days:(
Downtime 3 > 7 days!!Mad
Downtime 4 > ¿¿¿ days (if have) Shock
(edit): didnt thought of that:p
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