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Full Version: LFE v3-Theme
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[Image: lfe-forums-v3-banner.png]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
Blue Phoenix embarked on a journey to bring darkness to the forums.

On a more serious note, though, I'm happy to release the new forum theme to public, called (as you might've guessed already) "LFE v3". It is pretty much a hybrid between the old LFE v2 theme in terms of styles and the white MyBB-theme for structure (porting every tiny aspect of v2 just wouldn't have been feasible anyways).

This is going to be the default forum theme (white will stay selectable), so if you plan on keeping white, please head over to your User CP > Edit options and readjust it manually. Just give it a shot beforehand, though, you might like it ;)

Originally, it was planned to ship out together with a fixed version of the editor. However, considering that its code is much more beasty than I feared (paired with the fact that I am lacking the time to completely understand its workings), that'll have to be prolonged. Hope you can deal bear with it.

If you find any bugs related to the theme, please inform me about them. If you can't find any, even better. But for now, enjoy! :)

edit: it has occured to me that the login-form is somewhat broken. I'm fixing it right now.
edit2: fix'd edit1 :p
It feels like meeting an old friend after a long time
I missed the black theme so much
Great work BP !
THAT'S THE LFE. Good work.
I just had an eye-gasm.. SUGOI!
(11-09-2014, 12:05 PM)Blue Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ]Hope you can deal bear with it.

We can totally

[Image: bear-with-it.jpg]
My eyes feel bright with this theme :D
Very cool ::

Thank you bp for providing un such kind of enviroment Sleepy
Finally the long awaited black theme is back!!! TY BP!!
Ohh !! After a Long Time I came Back to LFE and 'Taddda' Black is Back Baby !!!