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Full Version: challenge luti
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luti is not motivated enough to sprite lately
so i challenge u to a battle :D
dont u people think he should make one from time to time?

if u agree with me, either challenge him also or write here that u agree with me ^_^

So until ill add a poll ,
Here are our sprites
Luti's [Image: Zdehqus.png] Mines [Image: I84PHu5.gif]
Agree :)
here is my sprite ^_^
[Image: I84PHu5.gif]
Luti, are you ready to get challenged? Chose wisely what you want to sprite, I havent slept this whole time. Twisted
Why Aren't U guys Make good Girls Sprites.
Undressed Hmmm....Don't like it if its good quality.
So i couldn't decide on what pose i should go for so i decided to show both.
also if you are curious here is a size comparison
Who won?
[Image: vDa3OlQ.png]
Luti u won,But still next challange should be dressed.

Luti as I was Telling, Make this characters Full sprite With out attacking,likePunch,super punch,dast attack etc Sprites. I will give attacking suggesions.Ok.I need her on Lf2 World Part 4,So,I will be glad you start making her.Thanks.

Finally , I'll add the poll ^_^

Wth, where is the add poll option :o
decided to fool around with her design, any thoughts? looks better when you zoom in
[Image: Zdehqus.png] => [Image: gCu6kHz.png]
Animate the coin flipping (?)
nope, just sent u a print screen
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