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Full Version: [Sprite Battle] Ariel Vs Marko
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waiting for marko to post his sprite than start voting please ^_^

my sprite:
[Image: rXz1UTR.png]

marko sprite:

we sprite this:
please dont vote before he post his sprite,
i placed the pull from now cuz the option to add a poll after u made a thread is not available anymore.
Yes you can add poll later. Don't forget to mark option which says "Add the poll" or something like that.

I just tested it in "TEST thread"
I don't no how u did but I already tried that in the luti challenge thread
And didn't have any option(also sent a prit screen to Ramond if u don't belive)
Anyway I dunno it might be just for me but I can't add polls after th thread had been post
So I prefer to post it from the start instead of bothering Ramond
Probobly forum is broken. I cannot delete topics because it says "you don't have a permission" but I can do other stuff.
You destroyed my motivation, i can't beat that but guess i have to try..
I'll post it later in evening have some stuff to do.
Go Marko GO. Believe in me who believes in you who believes in the heart of the spriting.
Ariel, your sprite has such a weird posture, it looks so wobbly (?).
If you look at the "centerpoints" of his body (between the eyes, his sternum and his crotch) then they don't quite line up and make him look somewhat weak. Also the waistline and the shoulderline are slightly tilted backwards (however that's not quite as obvious).

[Image: st0iEDC.png]

Take a look at the original artwork, he seems very stretched forward/outward (by the way, the cape goes the "opposite" direction, creates a nice reverse S-shape). Compare that to the sprite, it doesn't have this dynamic pose.

Srsly guys, you believe too much in me hahah :P. I haven't touched photoshop in many months.
Sorry for waiting so long, i screwed up whole process with resizing and because i haven't saved picture i have to start all over. so i basically made two sprites -.-
Should choose easier posture.

Ariel's sprite isn't perfect but winner is obvious tho.

I might get back to spriting. I would use some practise with mouse.
Marko did better on making this sprite.
Colors are also very good. Legs could be bit shorter but this is not realy important since other details covers it up. Hair shading looks good too.

Ariel, whats happened? Where is the quality? Colors are off, stance as Mr. Lauli said bugs me too. Legs reminds me of those dols which can bend them. Its like made from separate parts.
I hope you do better next time ;)
I actually liked Ariel's more. The posture looks better in his in my opinion, even though it is not very realistic.
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