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Full Version: I need some sprites for a new version
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I need those sprites:

1. Devis with deep's mussals and boxing gloves
2. John with magicion hat and a wand stick instand his stick. *most important
3. Firen with black hair and terror band on his hand(green one)
4. Dennis with green football shirt
5. black Sorcerer with same terror band like firen.
6. Justin with thife mask + same terror band
7. Henry with gitar or harp instand his bow.
8. Monk with chines hat.
9.Louis with soldier's helmet
10.Julian with same terror band.

If you work on someting of those sprites, say it in this thread
you need spritesheets?
or single sprites?
that is the difference
Sprites in bmp.
Like those the original game have.
I need you to change all the player's sprites according what I said.

Sorry, I havent saw this rule.
Where can I ask for sprites?
Stop dreaming. Nobody will just draw few characters for you. Neither this is request area. There is no such.
Your best bet would be to make sprites yourself, and start by copy/pasting followed by recoloring.

If you want to use stuff from outside the original game (like new faces, special body armor, you can check the tutorials & resources forum, you might be able to find something there. Sometimes if you send a PM to the creator of a certain character asking if you could use part of his sprite, you will be allowed to do this, too.

If you are going for this option, try to get any advanced spriting program so you can do the recoloring easily.