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Full Version: Side by side drawing.
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Well, i see many guys using photoshop and krita (im using krita), so, to draw a sprite etc. they make a small copy of it clung near the pic theyre drawing, and, then they do side by side drawing which makes it easier to draw, and that option is in built. Can anyone tell me where can i find this option in krita?

idk if this is realted to this subforum, but i need help for sprites so anyways...
WHat do you mean by "side by side? You mean using layers or? Because most of the people, I know use layers. One layer for ref and other for your product.
I didn't understand what you said.
But as far as I understood you may create a new layer for your copy and then delete the extra layer at end. :\
Can you show some example of how it looks like?
i saw it one day ariel doing it.
wait i mean a rough copy

i mean you draw a painting, then as i show it as abc, and just imagine, i want to copy that abc on that small window, it is difficult to do so, so if i do side by side drawing , it is easy to draw it, so i use an option (that i want to know which) to create a side by side small window copy of that drawing, and then i can create it on my own in the big and main window.. get it now :)

so i want to know how do i get that small copy beside so i can easily copy the things..
|          a             |
| d      a   abc       |---|  |
|           a         |abc|   |
|             c      |---|  |
|     b                    |
|             a          |

im a gr8 text creator aint i o.O

talking about this video?

if u r, then he have opened various windows and have minimized them and kept them on side.
yes this one. but it does not seem that he has opened various pics and minimised, but that would be the case, then photoshop would lose focus. also i want to know this for krita. i hope memento knows it? :)
He had done that, I just did a quick experiment.

If Krita can open various windows, then, I'm sure that it must know this feature.

Just downloading Krita
In the default setup there is a tab on the top right called Reference Images.